Thursday, June 17, 2010

Museum Mile

Every year the Museum Mile happens, and every year I miss it. I have always had something or another going on and can't meet up for the live music, the street performers, the open museums and Fifth Ave, clear of cars and full of chalk drawings. Every year until now.
I met up with these three fabulous ladies to czech it out, but apparently this was the worst Museum Mile ever! Having nothing to compare it to I just loved on it. We only made it into one museum, the Cooper Hewitt, which was SO crowded that it just wasn't worth it, even if the exhibit looked interesting. What I really enjoyed was the outside-ing.
This band is from the Czech Republic! They played really cheesy, yet traditional (I'm assuming) music. I liked it in a funny way.
And some teens, doing it! Play it!
There was this really cute girl making really adorable art on the sidewalk also.
And the school for kids who want to play music did a little demonstration. These kiddies did much better than I can do, so its safe to say I was impressed!
Or- Its safe to say I can't play a string instrument!

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