Friday, June 4, 2010

The Frying Pan is a boat

Hey, y'all! Wanna go to a bar that is like Discovery Zone for adults and is not Dave and Busters? But kinda full of assholes anyways, but is still really le coole? Even if you are thisclose to New Jersey? Sure you do! Head all the way to the Hudson river on 23rd street. There is a really big floating dock and two boats tied to it. On the dock is a bar with some food stuffs, and also an old Caboose. This place is called the Frying Pan. It is, in a word, ballerest.

That photo above, its a dance floor, complete with an old rustic outta tune piano. I've never seen anyone dancing, but once I turned on the turntables (hidden in a little room behind the piano, you can see the window cutout) and played some jam that was set up, which was kinda cool.
Yeah, yeah, its kinda for grown up frat boys (or bouys) (is that an oxymoron?) but its also really amazing. Basically there are two boats attached to the dock, and the first one is called the Frying Pan, and you can bring your beers on the boat and chill on the deck. Or if you're the adventurous type, which I know I am, you take your beers to the depths of the boat.
There are no signs that say anything is a forbidden zone so I explored the shit out of that place. I believe the boat was, at one time, totally chillaxing on the ocean floor so much of the space is all rusty awesome. There are some really nice relics, colors, textures and mess everywhere. It really feels like it shouldn't be allowed, but I'm oh so glad it is.
You can take a nap (or bang, presumably) in the captain's liars (but you will probably get bed bugs.)
Or "steer the ship" like I did.
And here is a really spooky and unlit place way near the stern of the boat, three stories down. I don't think any of those "Life Boat" things will help out. I think its just junk, but what do I know, I'm just a pedestrian.
A great way to spend Memorial Day!

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