Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kartell Party, and then some. SoHo-o-rama

Design Week ended more or less in SoHo. Our first stop was the Kartell party. I got there earlier than the rest of my peeps and was able to lounge like the coolest kid on the block in one of these sofas on a light up platform, whilst drinking a cocktail. Uber posh.
I was really excited to be there because Kartell makes my favorite piece of furniture ever. The Louie Ghost Chair designed by Phillipe Stark!HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT CHAIR?!! Really, just imagine it six of them surrounding a rustic, oversize wooden table with a gorgeous, metal chain chandelier hanging above. That, good sir, is perfection.
They have a great line in general. I'm a sucker for clear and plastic things, and lucite fits the bill to a T.
Finally, I was able to snap a photo of the most elusive creature in his natural habitat.
That dude with the Leopard Print Hair. Who is this guy? Why is he always around furniture? Does the carpet match the drapes?
Afterwards we jet-setted all the way across the street to the Artemide party, where we blah blah blahed our way past the door person into the event where everyone was drinking weird blue drinks that looked really gross. We left just in time to see Karim Rashid walking in, NOT WEARING PINK! So weird.

Our final stop was the Pin Up fete, where all the cool kids were. The fun b-list sighting was Julian Schnabel chatting up a cater waitress. So bizarre. Fun Fact: He looks just like Jack Nicholson in person.

And so we took a long nap the next day and had really attractive boys with washboard abs feed us grapes. Or we went into the office. Its a choose your own adventure post.

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xxJulie said...

Karim wasn't in pink??? God I haven't heard from him in awhile, hope he's ok!