Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashion Week- So Not Glam

Its that time again, ladies and gents. Its New York City Fashion Week! Woooo! The last one in the Tents. Hazzah! Suck my heel! No really don't, I love on it alot.
Chloe, my darling, is in the land, working back stage helping the shows get on and on. And since she has a healthy does of cynicism, she doesn't get star struck like I would. She just rolls her eyes and gets shit done, which makes her a better sound lady then I ever would. I would just drool all over Kelly Cutrone, and then she'll never hire me.During Snowpocalypse I happened to end my work day in the city (ugh a three hour meeting with new clients... 2 hours too long) and popped on by the Tents to see just how things were coming along.
Let me tell you, this is one of those cases where fashion gets exposed and we realize its so not glam.
There were boxes and cases every which where, and the heat was up to something like 100 degrees to keep the snow from piling up on the top of the tents. So everyone was sweaty smelly delicious. The staff was almost done hanging a photo installation of humorous and glamorous photos down the hallway to the main Tent. Chloe and I took time to make fun.

And of course we filled in as last minute models...

Fashion week- so not glam.

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