Thursday, February 18, 2010

Perry Ellis aka Hello Boys

Perry Ellis might not be the first thing one thinks of when one thinks FASHION! But I was excited, Judy, my co-worker was excited. And let me tell you why...
Oh gosh, hello there.... MALE MODELS. They might be 17 but they are beautiful. Beautiful boys. I had no problem going backstage after the show, really. They had already changed back, but its nice to be close to something that pretty.
Okay, enough hormonal gushing, on to the show! This guy sat across from Judy and I, and I took his picture because he was wearing the most phenomenal golden velvet blazer. And his hair. Oh his flippy hair. And his silly pre-ripped jeans.
It was Judy who-just moments later- noticed half of Project Runway was sitting next to him. That's Jesus from this season, and behind him was Jordana from last season. Amazing B-listers!
The collection wasn't ground breaking, but it was really thoughtful, detailed menswear. I have a soft spot for menswear. Sometimes I wish I were a dude, because men get to look fantastic all the time, that is if they want. Their clothes are sometimes more expensive, but once you buy an amazing suit, it can last you many, many years if you take good care. Its a real investment. And then I get disgusted by men who look sloppy, because menswear can just look so clean, tailored and posh with so little effort that you're a fool if you're wearing an ill-fitting pair of front pleated khaki pants. We're SO not friends. I look down my nose at you with extreme disdain, I'm talking to you- 90 % of wall street and midtown.
I digress...
The collection started off in a Blue/Teal area and transitioned in a Burgundy/Red zone, coming from cool and getting warm. There were some neat color blocking button downs, and great prints. The music was also really really good, I'm trying to get my hands on the jamz.
Oh I love those four boys, tie, bow tie, bow tie, tie. Adorable and sweet. The stands were overwhelmingly filled with the gents, which was refreshing to see dudes interested in their own garb.

Also, backstage, was TO (Terrel Owens) who plays football if you didn't' know. I didn't. I had to ask.

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