Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Custo Barcelona

Look at this little sweetheart. Not only does she slip me backstage to the Custo Barcelona show, but she takes my coat and stashes it in a safe place. What a absolute darling.
Okay so lets rewind to June 2007. I touch down in Barcelona, my first time in Europe in 16 years. WOAH I'm so excited! And because my plans fell through with meeting up in Sitges, I didn't exactly have a hostel booked. My bus from the airport dropped me off at the top of Las Ramblas, and with my pack on my back and a photocopied page from an old travel guide book I set out for mystery hostel number one. Walking down the colorful and noisy Las Ramblas (if you've been to BCN you know its kinda Times Square-y without most of the awfulness plus live bunnies for sale) the store front for Custo Barcelona still managed to catch my eye as I walked by. Something about the colors screamed NORA!!!!!!! I walked by a couple more increasingly exhausted times in my quest for a hostel that would take me (and if you're curious I finally found one that let me sleep on the floor for only 12 euros) and made note to stop by when I wasn't looking like a sweaty crazy with a two ton pack on.
I ended up going inside Custo something like five times. Always engaged with the colors and textures. So totally Spain, completely Barcelona. I was in love. I looked into working for them but alas "Donde esta el bano?" is not good enough Spanish to work for a Spanish company...
So of course I jumped on the chance to check out the line this season.
Look, I'm loving it!
Isn't that sweater just, oh there aren't even words. COLOR and TEXTURE kinda threw up on it, but not in a bad way. In the best way.
And lets just have a conversation about the shoes. Chloe watched me take photos of them and just looked at me and said, "Those shoes are so you." And rolled her eyes-in the most endearing of ways of course. Ugh- I want to own them. All of them. I will wear them, every day, unless its raining.
The show was everything you want in a fashion show. The runway was lit with spot lights and the venue was otherwise very dark. The clothes were fun, funky, spunky and le coole. The models sped down to the bumping music- I wasn't the only one dancing in my seat. This wasn't an uber conceptual display of craft and thoughtfulness, this was FASHION! Oooooh, amazing.
Texture! Fur! Patterns! Layering! Shiny! Sparkly! Super Sass!
After the show there was the maddest of mad dashes to get everything back together and out of there. Chaos. Fashion. They go hand in hand.

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