Friday, February 19, 2010

The Block party and Andrew Yang

The Block hosted a great party at a gallery in the LES this week showcasing the phenomenal artistry of Andrew Yang. Yang had taken many looks from last season from a diverse set of designers and made dolls each wearing one ensemble.
The Dolls were immaculate, and there was a very intelligent sense of play surrounding them, which is what one does with a doll after all. And the party was filled with the most beautiful boys. I'd say a large percentage liked boys, but that didn't stop them from being really well dressed and amazing to look at. I imagine I was difficult to have a conversation with, because I kept staring at the finely groomed crown and letting my sentences trail. Though my party partners in crime didn't seem to be paying attention to me either. The scenery was too good, just like a fashion party should be.
Also it should be noted that the free booze was Absynth which tastes like licorice, which I HATE and so after a while I felt queasy gross. Luckily the after party was downstairs at Home Sweet Home and there I dined on two black russians,

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