Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On Saturday evening I had the privilege of watching my first show of the season, the Arise fashion show, highlighting African designers. I didn't know what to expect as last year was a complete spectacle ala Grace Jones crazy stylin. Fun, exciting, and not super sophisticated.
This year was more toned down, but still an outrageous event. The set was more elaborate than most shows, complete with flat screen televisions along either side and steps and screens to confuse the models as the enter the runway. I have to admit I loved the hanging stretched canvases for the backdrop though.
Backstage was crazytown to the extreme. Unlike most fashion shows, the Arise show highlights three designers, so that means three times the clothes, shoes, models, and interns. Exponentially increasing chaos. Oh, I loved it.
I also loved the look of admiration/gotta pee/ate something sour? on this interviewer's face.
Front of house was crazy too. I couldn't remember most of the famous faces- readers maybe you can help me out here?- but I know this is lovely Coco Rocha and seeing her made my night. And seeing the show made my night. Have I mentioned how much I love fashion week?
Who's this guy? I know his face. How do the kinda unfashionable (okay he's totes wearing a necklace, I have to give credit where its due) make it so far in fashion?
Is that Nole Marin? I think it might be...
And I'm pretty sure this is some athlete of some sort. Foot baller? Basket baller? Baller baller?
Enough of that, everyone sit down and let the show begin!
Black Coffee made some really fantastic coats, but after a while it was just coats. There was no rise or development in the line to add texture and flavor. And while most of the coats I would kill to own, there were a few that were not, ahem, lady body friendly- placing texture and form on places where ladies don't want that noise.
They did, however, have CHANEL IMAN! HOLLER!
Following Black Coffee was something about a Lion Cloth and Ashes, which I was all eh about. Again with the weird shapes at unflattering places. I didn't really take any photos that came out. But I did like this dress.
Which was the finale of the line. The final designer was Deola Sagoe who was probably the best designer of the bunch and has some really great walkers stomping down that runway. I was so caught up in the good looks I didn't take and photos to display the spectacular line. But keep an eye and ear out for her looks. Fantastic, really.

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