Monday, February 1, 2010

Housewarming Pizzartay

Babs just moved to Gossip Girl land. Well not just, but rather recently. And then threw a fantastic party. All the important celebs were in attendance.

The party started out well, with plenty of booze. But an hour in someone got the bright (you'll see the pun in a second) idea to turn off the lights (see what I did there?) and then the real fun started.
Yeah, that's right, motha fuckin glow sticks, biatch. Whatcha gonna do?
Also please note in the background "Parrots Hilton."
These are Bab's co-workers. They are all investment bankers. These two are amazing, and I quite enjoy their straight and narrow company. We come from differnt sides of the track...errr east river, but they are so cool it don't even matter.
Scott is Babs' lil' 'bro. He continually styles himself after Clark Griswald from Vacation. I tell him this every chance I get.

As it turns out, the more lights are off, the more people want to dance. I'm not sure why this is, because I'll dance in the brightest of spots, but whatever makes da peeps want to get down with their bad selves I'm find with. Plus no lights and glow sticks is a simple joy that I'll gladly entertain.

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