Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Thankful Groundhogs Day Parade

Pikachu saw his shadow! Five more years of parades!

Okay so its a bit of a reach-all the way back to November, but worth talking about because
-I woke up way earlier than I do even for work (to which I am habitually and consistently 15 minutes late to every morning. What can I say? I'm most definitely not a morning person, its a shortcoming of mine that I've come to terms with. I've got plenty of, ummm, tall comings. (Nora- people call those admirable qualities, not tall comings.))
-Brian hosted a very cool Parade Watching par-tay complete with bagels and great views of the parade. Which led to a great photo of spider man's ass.
I also managed to get some really great images of the parade watchers from other buildings. Everyone was slightly risking their lives by dangling their upper torsos out of the 26th floor window in hopes of watching the parade. Okay- it wasn’t really that dangerous at all- just really cool. The marching bands look so different from a birds eye view, and since we were much higher than any of the balloons, for the first time I was looking down at them instead of looking up.

Dodecahedrons! The posh-est parade balloon, and definitely the most memorable.
Happy Groundhog's Day, ya'll. 6 more weeks of winter- as if we expected anything else in the first week of February. Its cold like a mother and that isn't changing for at least 6 weeks. A-doi, Puxatony Phil.


lisaholly said...

I <3 the aerial cheerleading picture, it is now on my background!

erin alison said...

tall-comings... ha! face, you're a funny girl. and i love that you love the dodecahedron. are you sure it's a dodecahedron? did you count it's sides?

i'm trying to avoid fb, therefore i will be blogging more often-hence the multiple comments from moi all at a-once.