Friday, January 22, 2010

G-Star- take me far, I drive a bike not a car, and I drink at a bar

Hey kiddies! I kinda want to go to fashion week and take some pictures and kick butt on G-star's dime. It will probably be cool. If you like me and want to vote-a-lote then I think you should. It will be baller-and-a-half. The deal is if I am the winner then I can go and take some photos at G-Star's fashion show and maybe other events, go backstage, have some fun times.

I can have some more b-list celeb's to gush about, and have a reason to get all fashion'd out (as if I even need a reason). Don't you want all these things for me, DON'T YOU!?

Click the image, and then vote for me, and then lets hang out. Unless you don't live near by or are a creep.

Right now I have zero votes, that's sad. Don't get mad, get glad.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Just voted for you dear! Good luck!