Monday, January 25, 2010


Ugh, here I go again. Try to put up with me!

Yes, its a boy. And its not light pink, its white/grey. Still, how awesome is his hair cut and color? Okay okay okay, I really want it. Like, I love my long red hair, I'm a total girly-girl-babe, but how amazing would this hair cut and color look on me? I could be an edgy-girlyish-babe instead. I would probably go through a total self-identity crisis because I have not had hair that short since kindergarten, I've really just been obsessed with long hair for-like-ever, and I would have to reassess my entire wardrobe for short hair-but! this would look so chic. Plus I'm young. I probably won't do it, but its something to think fantasize about.

photo taken from James Bort

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erin alison said...

you'd be super- aggy d. with that cut. and ya know what, lady? it's only hair. it grows. (take it from the girl who shaved her head and is considering doing it again.) it'd be super-cute and a MASSIVE change!!!