Wednesday, January 20, 2010


And when one must work extra to make a deadline, one needs good jamz. Here is what I've been listening to, which I really really think everyone will love no matter who you are as far as a music listener goes (is this english? I can't tell, I'm busy), and I'm telling you really really quickly, because me writing a blog post is really me procrastinating. And that' s bad news bears for my deadlinez.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's-Home. Katie got me into it, and I'm totes obsessed. Get on Grooveshark and listen to everything. And you'll feel so good. Don't listen to this song if you've just gone through a break up though, it will hurt your little heart.

The Smiths- This Charming Man. Normally I don't even care about the Smiths, because they are boring and weepy and whatever blah blah blah. But I went out dancing this Friday and had such a good time getting down to this jam that I opened up my heart and made just a wee bit of space for darling Morrissey. Just the littlest, because they are a little bit of a whiner from time to time.

Vampire Weekend-Horchata Their newest effort, and its jamming, and it reminds me of Chicago where I was first introduced to Horchata, quite possibly the greatest drink ever. Plus, like the drink, the song is sweet and easy...just like your mom.

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