Friday, January 15, 2010

New Years Ever

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven.. no WAIT! All night false alarms rang out as fools started the countdown early, at least twice an hour, even after actual New Years happened. My favorite fools. The fools of the century.
Despite the rain, and two of my favorite friends being out and about with dudes they like, this new years was one of the best ever, really.
New Years, generally a high pressure night, is almost always over rated unless, of course, you're partying with me. Then you know your night will turn out swimmingly. The key is not too many people, and never thinking about taking a subway or cab. Oh- and champagne and good jamz don't hurt either.
Three of my most favorite Chicago buddies came out to count down with me, and one of their lil sisters. Plus two New Jersey folk (I know, I know...), my brother and his pal, TOM! spent the night. Throw in my roommate and her boyfriend and New Years brought a record 11 people crashing that night in the Color Me Cannon APT!
Usually for the count down we head over to Grand Army Plaza and watch the fire works and drunk park slope moms get their game on, but due to the inclement weather, my apartment worked just fine.How did you ring in the New Year? Did you have a blast or was it a bust?
And most importantly, what did you wear?

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