Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How many times have you said "It's cold?"

I'm a big fan of winter. HUGE.
(Did you just call me fat?)

I love winter time sports- like sledding, snowman building, snowball fights, putting on enough layers to comfortably ride the bike, huddling together and skiing.

There is a certain pleasure of pulling out ye olde winter time wardrobe and having the opportunity to wear a favorite sweater. Tights in general. And this season I've been wearing my uh-maze-ing work-boot-heels that go with any and every ensemble ever.

Let us not forget the cold weather comradeship. There is nothing like exiting a restaurant together only to be greeted with the extreme cold (and ladies and gents, its been a cooolllddd winter) and through chattering teeth shiver out "Iittttsssssoooooocoococcooocoooooollllldd," while scurrying to the nearest subway, or convincing someone to pay for a cab.

Or quite possibly the best of them all, staying at home, watching hours of bad television, drinking wine, keeping warm by snuggling with my cat. Can we just say snuggling in general?

But now comes the hard part. We've had our first snowstorm, which was really fun. By the third one of those, unfortunately people usually get sick of it (not I!). The holidays are over, and so begins our longest stretch without any vacation. And while we really think that March brings warm weather, truly it is April the shepherds in the light spring jackets. My summer time dresses are singing to me from my closet already- and this is the earliest they've ever done that.
How am I going to battle the cold weather blues?

This weekend I'm going skiing for the first time of the season. I'm going to ride my bike as much as possible, making getting there a quicker journey with the added bonus of generating lots of heat. I'll just pretend that my winter wardrobe still excites me, and continue the quest for the perfect (and affordable) pair of over the knee/thigh high boots which still elude me. Oh! And I just re-ignited my love for rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders. I'm trying to go a couple times a week. Oh- and drinking wine. Lots of Cabernet pour moi. Merci beaucoup!

I'm going to keep telling myself that I love winter, even when it is no longer true. We shall see how long I can trick myself...

Having server woes, pictures should be back up right quick!

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erin alison said...

i hate winter. i'll come out of hibernation when it's over. p.s. i think i'm gonna visit in april. will you have time for my sweet face?