Friday, January 8, 2010

TwentyTen: Pigs in a Pen

Last night Katie invited Trace-face et moi to see one of her absolutely favorite bands: The Punch Brothers. I now understand why this bluegrass band is on the top of her list. The jams were just incredible. Chris Thile, the fastest mandolin player this side of New York and former Nickel Creek band member, is the front man. He doesn't just play the mandolin, he gets down with his bad self, dancing like a fool to the jams. The other players are no less accomplished, and all are adorable.
Since there were more people than chairs, Katie, Tracy and I shared two chairs between us and I sat in the middle with kinda half a thigh on each chair. It was like floating... But this afforded the luxury of being up close and personal with the band.
All in all the show was the perfect way to spend a Thursday night. I mean how can you not love a band that eludes to whiskey dick in their song Rye Whiskey? Keep your eyes out for their next show, not to be missed!

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