Friday, December 12, 2008

We're going to the circus, we're going to the fair

The other night I surprized my family and brought them to the Big Apple Circus. We've been going as a family since I was around three years old, and 'cause I'm the ballerest daughter and sister, I bought our tickets this year.
What the fam fam didn't know was that they were ringside. IT WAS SO FREAKIN' COOL! All the acts look better with nothing obstructing my view. AND THE HORSES ARE HUGEnourmous.

Well except for the little horse.

All the acts were amazing- the dog act is always my favorite, this years was good but a little too short. As far as I'm concerned the whole circus could just be an hour long dog act...

They had these two (very attractive) boys juggling, they never dropped a pin and they were super coordinated, one of the best juggling acts I've ever seen.
This woman did amazing things on a tightrope. She could lift her whole body up on one hand while balancing on the wire. It was le shit.
And then there was this guy, who threw large and heavy vases in the air and caught them on his head. BIZZARE.


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