Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunning, Lazing, Sheep's Meadow

This weekend- basically out of nowhere- was the nicest weather in NYC in a hot minute (get it?!). Jordan, my number one lover, invited me to the park to just lay in the sun and do not-a-thing for the whole day. Of course I was diggity down.

High lights included
-meeting all the wonderful people like Will, Courtney, Maria, Maytal and Michael. And seeing Marina again, sober.
-the littlest smallest tiniest puniest dog ever, WITH A MOHAWK.
-watching Capoeria
-an ocean of hot (gay) men with no shirts on
-listening to Mariah Carey's best jams (Honey, Fantasy, Always Be My Baby)
-the Sun!
-Kyle saying "Look at this. I'm going to put this in my mouth." in regards to a massive sandwich.

Oh man, the tiniest doggel ever.

Maytal trying out the Capoeira

the Group of loverlies

Kyle- a good man.

I don't know what I was doing- lets just assume it was squishing your head.


Free Hugs, a necessity even over a fence.

I wore SO MUCH sunscreen.

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