Monday, April 20, 2009

Columbia, Vampire Weekend, Talib Kweli

Lisa- who once went to Columbia (she's a smart cookie) invited a few of us to holler at Vampire Weekend (also Columbia alums) and Talib Kweli (his brother teaches there). It was SO BEAUTIFUL out that we also had a picnic. Really, I couldn't imagine time better spent.

Talib was fantastic live. It was really so much fun to rock out and dizzance to him. He really got the crowd going, at one point he brought some B-Boys and B-Girls on stage and they kicked out the jamz. He also had a moment where he did a verse accopella, and I took some video of it before my camera lost its juice. Sometimes I forget how fast and baller hip hoppers are and then they take thier fatty beats off and just go at it and then I remember- oh yeah. You're amazing.
Check it out at the bottom.

I felt old as the undergrads seemed... young. Like babys.

No Shirt Manz. In a fountain.

Vampire Weekend seemed pretty amped to be playing thier alma matter, and did a special shout out to thier dorm, on the 7th floor, thier first practice ever aparently.
They sound really alot like thier recording, and it was really fun to dance to. Everyone was kinda hippie-ed/hipster-ed out and lovin' it.

After all that time in the sun I turned into a grumpy and headachey zombie, because me and the sun are not bffs. Does that happen to anyone else?

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