Monday, April 13, 2009


Did you know its obligatory to drink four glasses of wine on passover? I didn't.
Even though I'm half a jew, kinda, and I've been to many a cedar, I've never really attended an offical one with a cedar plate and prayers, etc. My grandma kinda just told me the story and we ate together (and watched Rugrats passover)
Since all my jewish family members were sick, Babs and I had our very own cedar, and my first.

This is me- opening the door for Elijah. He never came! That's jerk is always invited but never shows up, wtf? We drank his glass of wine also.

Babs- eating a bitter herb dipped in salt water.

"...drink a sip or the whole glass..."
We opted for the later.

Our cedar, complete with an Orange for gender neutralness and olives for peace.

Barbara with our Haggadah. It was very feminist with a poem by Judy Chicago and gender neutral prayers.


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Sarah said...

HAPPY PASSOVER! looks like you really enjoyed it!