Friday, April 3, 2009


Alex really wanted to do a photo shoot- and I feed my narcissism from time to time...
Considering I live in an amazing area near all sorts of cool places to take pictures, we had a blast. AND I was able to finally document some of the fashions I've been working on. Please fawn over all my "Nora-rigonals" as Alex dubbed them.
I picked out some of my favorite photos from the shoot.
So much fun.I saw a Port-a-Potty in the distance and joked about taking a picture there. But Alex thought it was a brilliant idea- and thus some of my favorite photos came from the grody port-a-potty. It was full...

I'm tooting my own horn, I made all that damn shit, well not the shoes but I did have the good sense to buy those.
DISCLAIMER: I did not make this Property of my Kids shirt. Alex found it in a thrift store in Nebraska.
We both love that the "D" in "kids" is a padlock. MOMZ ON LOCK DOWN.

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Victoria C said...

i love this shoot, you look fierce girl! rocking the port a potty hahah xx