Monday, April 6, 2009

John Waters

John Waters is a pilgrim.
He's not. He's an amazing artist. I own a book of photography shot by Todd Oldham, and its of John Water's house.
Aparently John likes fake food alot and has a massive collection of the stuff all around his house. He also collects books. I think bibliophile is an understatement. He literally has to make tables out of his books, because there are so many. Sounds wonderful to me.
Anyways- Julie invited me to check out his artz at the Marianne Boesky Gallery last Thursday. So while everyone was standing around Topshop, trying to get a glimpse of Kate (which I get, really I do! We love you Kate!) I spotted not just John Waters himself, but loverly Debbie Harry.
There she is (center) posh as ever. And there is ol' Johnny boy, to the right.
Because it was SO crowded, I couldn't get the best shots of the work- but this one says "Old Chickens Make Good Soup."
Giant Roach Killer.

Ike and Tina.

Massice La Mer creme.
Tara Reid on a butt, this is a close up of that:

Me and Julie wanted to me really tacky and take a picture with John, but then we couldn't get close enough. He's hawt.

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