Monday, March 30, 2009

the best morning

Let me tell you about the best morning.
I slept in, because that's what I do best. My Babs-a-doodle called me to go to the Guggenheim with her, which of course I was excited about. I put on a jazzy outfit (which later that night someone said I looked like Clarissa Explains It All, which is a compliment if you ask me) and my sunglasses which made me feel sassy.
And it was so nice and warm and sunny that I just needed a cute little hoody, no coat required. I wanted a milkshake for breakfast, and I splurged and made it malted. The milkshake was organic and it was given to me in a biodegradable cup.
Talking to my Chloe on the phone, catching up and loving on each other, I walked down the streets in my favorite boro, Brooklyn and happened upon THIS DOG! I had to put down the malted milkshake to take a few photos of the dog that was also a polar bear and a teddy bear and a fluff. SOOOOOOO ADORABLE.

And it was the best morning ever.
And then I found five dollars.

1 comment:

Victoria C said...

Possibly the cutest doggy ever (after my own of course). Sounds like a lovely day! xx