Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So we (the ladies, of course) went to brunch at this weird place called Fetch near the 92nd street Y. Don't go there if you have nut allergies because they are all confused about what has nuts in them....
ANYWAYS- we were in the hood to head on over to the Cooper Hewett to check out the exhibition on felt. Which, at first hand I could understand that seeming...lame. But it was really amazing, intriguing, fascinating. Please, do go, and bring your old student ID (as I did) so you can pay only 10 bucks instead of 15. Yeah, price of admission is a little steep.
There was this beautiful room with felt and sheer drapery all over and sunlight just poking in. We must have sat there for a half hour just soaking in the peacefulness. Also, Rebecca decided if this was her mansion that the floor would be a pool to which we all agreed would be really nice.

Ahem... us trying to take a jumping picture in front of the CH.

Now this- this was FANTASTIC! Felt crown molding. I WANT IT NOW!

And these see through animals were on sale at the gift shop.

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Liam. said...

Great Babs pic...the one under VERY dramatic. BANANAS!