Friday, March 20, 2009


Last Saturday at the Tribecca Grand Peaches was a guest DJ! And she's sassy.
She didn't go on until like... 3AM. So I was resigned to spending the whole night awake- dancing- kickin' it.
MAN it was hot like fucking August in New York City, awful. I could smell me- and everyone around me. But it added to the comradeship between all us hip and dancin folk.

Oh yeah, that's me- a sweaty mess.
Near the end of her set she grabbed the mic and sang Donna Summer's "Last Dance." You know, that song that they played at the end of your 6th grade dances. It was like- Peaches does Karaoke. Ballerest.
And she wore a hair outfit.

So, I danced with strangers, stayed until the last DJ played his last song, and got home at 5AM. It was just one of those amazing NYC nights. Le sigh.

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