Monday, March 23, 2009

Boys Noize

I brought my lil' brother to the Boys Noize show at Webster Hall, which is usually the worst ever on a Friday, but this show was so great, the crowd was so great, the dancing was so so great that my body is still sore from it, two days later. Agathe met up with us and we all danced a shit ton. My brother is like 6 foot a zillion, so he's that guy that no one can see infront of at the show, but he danced it out so I thought that made him cool still.
What made him a great dj was that he knew how to push and pull the tension so that the music pulsed, it had a life beat. I know that sounds dumb, but he brought the tension from a mellow place to an intense place for just long enough and then brought the beat back down. Perfect rhythm to keep the crowd rockin' out.

Also, I know he looks disabled in this photo, but this man KNEW how to dance.

Check out just how hard the crowd was rocking out in my video below.

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