Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last last Saturday I went to the Landmarc theatre to see Tokoyo!, a triptic film avec mon realizateur préféré, Michel Gondry! Afterwards he did a Q and A.
I kinda sat there, having an internal struggle, to ask a question or to not... I finally came to the conclusion that since I turn into a fool everytime I come close to Gondry, incredibly similar to a teenage girl in the proximity of a boy band, I kinda can't breathe that well, and I feel like I'm riding a roller coaster.
I decdied that this was probably the only time I would be able to (physically) ask a question to my absolute favorite maker of things ever.
Ahem, so-I asked him about a chair that played a big part in his short film. OF COURSE the girl who works in furniture asks about the design of the chair. No really, I promise I'm really cool.

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