Monday, November 10, 2008

Michel Gondry

I went to the Hunter open studios last friday. Last spring I also attended the Hunter open studios, I think that open studio visits are great, and I really enjoy seeing work and speaking with artists. So I was wandering around the four massive floors that are mazes of studio spaces, and found myself in the small section of BFA studios. I decided to check them out as I have a BFA and I was curious to see how I stacked up to their work. I wandered into this studio and time froze.

The man talking to the young BFA artist was none other than my artistic idol Michel Gondry. I couldn't breathe, I broke out in a sweat and my temperature rose. I was nauseous. You may have heard me yak and yawn about Olafur Eliasson and how much I adore his work, which is all true. He is amazing, no bones about it.
But I really remember falling in love with the work of Michel Gondry. I know what a hand he has had in shaping the way I view the world. He is a ever consistent inspiration. This is the second time I've run into him in an artist space, and the second time I froze up and was unable to talk to him. What do you say to your favorite artist when you are finally able to talk to him? I'm sure all that would come out of my mouth would be globbity gook anyway. I don't want to fawn over him, I just want to let him know how important his work is in my life.
So, instead of talking to him, I just snapped a photo of the space, with him in the shot. There he is, double fisting. Go Gondry!After he left the space I talked with the artist about his work (because if I can't talk to Michel I will talk to the person he talked to, its like talking to him by association), which has potential though its not quite there. I really liked the room within a room aspect of the work, the use of found objects, and how he reacts to his space and lets his art breathe. He has some work to do, but its a great start.

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