Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pick up the Pieces!

I took Nick on an abbreviated Nora History Tour of Brooklyn. We walked by a house my parents almost bought, and the house we lived in for several years on Wyckoff. Up the street from my old house is this amazing mosaic-ed house, that has been there for a hot minute.
This house is certainly one of those special things in Brooklyn that make it SO Brooklyn. Special, unique, you know someone who thinks lives inside, and they want to reach out and make their community a better place. So lovely.
I went to the artist's website, and there wasn't too much information, but she does say "One day in 2001 I went outside and started gluing things to the front of my house. I have not stopped yet. My hope was to make a celebratory statement that would cheer and amuse." Susan Gardner has most definitely succeeded! She goes on to say, "The neighborhood has embraced and encouraged the project. The joy of sharing it with strangers has made me very happy."

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