Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I headed over to the Gering Lopez gallery to check out the new show up by David Levinthal, a series of large format Polaroids of vintage Barbies. He (as in the artist) was there wearing a fabulous "houndstooth" (I used the quotes because it wasn't quite houndstooth, it was cooler than that) blazer. And his grandson (I presume) was there in the ballerest red velvet blazer. All five years of him was hipped out, from the skinny jeans to the yellow dunks, hyper cool kid!The photos were interesting, some were downright stunning, but there was quite alot of them and put together in a series turned the indidvual quirks of each photograph into a blurr of ubiquity. There was something special in one photograph, but then on the opposite wall there was a similar photograph. The presence of both similar pieces dulled down both of them.

Or that could just be me hating on series in general, this is an idea of which I have a strong opinion.
We were all impressed with the time line of when he started taking the photos up until now, Barbies are obviously a subject that has continually intrigued him as he kept coming back to it over and over again.

There was also this wonderfully crazy lady with a itsy bitsy tiny teeny dog, and they both wore leopard print. And she wore a fanny pack. Totes in lurve.

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Jack Daniel said...

Seems like it was a great show!