Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Resturant Week

The Ladies and I went out for NY's Resturant Week, to Toqueville which was amazing. Well, I guess it would have been even more if I was a meat eater... spending that much money on food should include copious amounts of booze because risoto doesn't cost that much to prepare.
Stepping off my soap box.
For those of you who don't know, Resturant Week is this time period, like two weeks really, where fancy schamncy places open up thier doors for the poors (me, you, my friends...) and give you a menu full of apetizers that they try to pass for entries, and you all eat it and feel fancy for a night and then stumble home wondering why your wallet feels so much lighter. It's cheaper but its not really cheap.
It was Bridget's birthday also! We celebrated our good friend with plenty of cheers. It was VERY fancy and the service was slow, but we supect they did it on purpose because we were having so much fun enjoying each other's company.
AND since they ran out of the desert accompanying the Prix Fixe menu, they prepaired for us five seperate desserts, ala carte, and gave us free tea and coffee to make up for it. I took thier pictures because it was so pretty to look at.
I guess the sorbets did look like little colored poops, but delcious.

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