Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Factory Fresh

I got an invite to check out galleries in Bushwick, so instead of cleaning the apt as I should have (being a responsible adult...) I decided the best way to spend a Saturday was doing that. One of the ballerest ones was Factory Fresh with Anxiety Room being the show that is currently up.
One of the gallery owners, Ali (who was super sweet and talked with us a bunch about the show) invited these two artists Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon to hang out in her living space for two weeks and make art. The collaborative results in the current show.

The gallery seems to be dedicated to street art, according to the website.
Ego, Id, SuperegoThis was the Board of Anxieties which I loved. It was very cutesy, but that never bothers me. The gallery space was once a factory (hence the name) and I supposed the large fridge on which the Board of Anxieties was plastered on came with the space. I kinda like that there is a thermomonter in the middle of the piece.

Probably the best part of the space for summer time openings was the graffitti yard in the back. I want to have a beer out there, and a bbq.

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