Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Animal Print Collective

So my roomie and I are big fans of throwing house parties. And we've been doing it for as long as we've lived together. We've had good ones, and really good ones, and lately we've had amazingly good ones. This past weekend was our BALLEREST one yet.

We themed it, it was our first theme party, and the theme was Animal Print. Yes, we realise our brilliance. Well help you come up with ideas so maybe your party can be as great as ours are.

Another thing that made this party fantastic besides the theme was the super large amount of French speaking and Russian speaking people. Like 10 each. Because we host international peeps, yo.

And finally it was the BALLEREST party because we played Mariah Carey's Honey.
Photo gallery below.

Schmalex! Hang ten!The French.

Tracy is wearing her "Keep the Dudes Away" print, if I remember correctly. We were all schwasted.

That is a 40. Of Colt 45.
See, its a print of an animal... animal print.
And Ryan's a creeper.
Snake Print

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