Thursday, February 5, 2009

Union Pool

I've been to Union Pool twice before. The first time I took a bunch of pictures in thier photo booth, that was kinda cool. The second time I made out in the photo booth, also kinda cool.
What was annoying was that everyone was telling me that this bar was the ballerest bar in the burg, and all the cool kids go there and everything is the best if its at Union Pool.
I finally had the good time. The bar was crowded, almost uncomfortably so, but the peeps seemed cool. The fire pit was really amazing, keeping me warm- and I got the ballerest photo (see above). Finally the band playing, of which I caught the last two songs of, was really damn good. If only I could remember their name.
Plus they have a taco truck within the limits of the outdoor area with good Mexican jams, and a really good dj plays once the bands are done doing their thing. I was there until 4 in the AM, dancing.


Liam. said...

i LOVE union pool. it is def the ballerist bar!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm el diablo tacos.....