Friday, February 6, 2009

Ben Jones

I went to the Deitch Projects last night to check out Ben Jones' multi-media make your brains go crazy install, The New Dark Age.
It was really hip, colorful, loud, and patterned. In other words, I fell in love. The joint was SO packed that I couldn't really take decent photos of the work, but I think that just gives you, the reader, more incentive to check out the jamz in real life.

The only real con I have is that the way the projectors were set up it was hard to get in to see all the work. Everyone was packed into one side of the room, and I'm not sure that was intentional.
I also loved this... well call him a guardian, of the install room. The first thing you see when you enter, just to give you a little taste of magic.

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Paul Pincus said...

deitch is genius. he helped make kehinde wiley and ryan mcginness (you'd love his work) into art world superstars!

looks like a fun show.