Friday, February 27, 2009

English Kills

During my Bushwick gallery tour, we ended up at the English Kills gallery. Totally and completely worth checking out. The space alone is inspiring, exposed brick, concrete floors, large expanses of space, and a lingering hint of artistic activity behind the canvas curtains.
Right now the walls are hosting very large format paintings by Andy Piedilato. We were all crazy in love with them. He used familiar and comfortable materials but represented them in such a usual way, like bricks the curved, hardwood floors that are also boat castle tops, and a painting on a painted spiral bound page of paper.
Plus the guy we talked to in the space couldn't have been nicer or more accomidating, he actually offered to call the artist and have him come over to talk with us. I guess he could see how excited I was. I kindly turned down the offer, I explained that all I would do was gush and ask alot of questions.

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