Friday, February 13, 2009

Stephen Sprouse

Darling Stephen Sprouse, although dead, has been making a huge comeback, probably thanks to Louis Vuitton revival. I stopped by the exhibit at the Dietch Projects... the big one. It was great, although I think the space could have been better exploited.
What was cool was a whole wall of poloariods that had photos of all the people he chilled with, like Debbie Harry, and naked dudes. And also, a black light room with many of his sketches.

Literally the next day I went to a desinger's studio/house (I don't want to say because it is one of our clients) but she had a REAL Mies Van Der Rhoe bench that had been Stephen Sprouse graffittied by the real Stephen Sprouse. Aparently they had been buddies and worked together to design a line of fabric, which has only recently been discontinued.
That is cool.

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