Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Extravganza!

Aren't my friends insanely attractive?

Yes it was that time again. That time where I get a whole year older and high five the world about it. This birthday was really fantastic. I felt loved and surrounded by really fabulous people who care about me and are always happy to be where they are. They embody the spirit of "I make my own party!" In short, I am incredibly lucky to have such a group, a troupe, a gaggle of fantastic friends.

Plus Phillip made a baller mix of old 50's and 60's rock and roll. Doesn't get much better!
And then my pal Josh brought a coat he made-and let me wear it for the party-it was an uncompareable experience. I was elated. Can't you tell?
Anton, who is giving me a panther hug, rides a motorcycle and declared that I would be more than safe hanging on to the back of his cycle in this coat. I would just bounce off the road a few times should I fell off. All I needed was a matching helmet.

And I killed everyone who said I was Lady Gaga.

Our apt was aptly spooky- Halloween decorations ahoy. I live for this holiday.

This is my darling roommate the next morning. She ran into my room (how do you know its my room? All the shoes on the shelves.) and put the coat on. Cannon looks just as happy to be awake as Laura does. This is what hung over people do.

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Jack Daniel said...

I bet your friends are really down to earth. So may I ask how OLD you are right now? Haha.