Friday, October 16, 2009

Brooklyn Museum

Some more Brooklyn Museum darlings on display now until... I don't know when? Its good though, check it.
Michelongelo Pistoletto- Standing Man, Standing Woman with Hat, 1980

This is Nick Cave! He was my professor when I was in school, in the Fashion Dept. We didn't always see eye to eye about design (ahem, my design work), but I always appreciated him as an artist. His sound suits are incredible. His work incorporates his fantastic sense of humor also, with photographs of him dancing around in his sound suits. He's very fancy. So exciting that my teacher's work is in the museum, like biggity blam congrats Nick!

Mickalene Thomas- A Little Taste of Love, 2007

Nina Chanel Abney- Forbidden Fruit, 2009

Ciao y'all! I'm leaving the city for a little Bahstan action. See you on Monday, darlings!

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