Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jazz Age!

Last Sunday Jordan and I hopped on the Governor's Island Ferry and went to gasp Gov's Island. The ferry terminal is GORGEOUS. It has an old fashioned exterior with beautiful arches re-painted olive green and a muted red. It really stands out especially next to the -barf- "contemporary" Staten Island terminal, a blah combo of glass, metal and concrete.
We were on our way to the Jazz Age Lawn Party. It was fabulous. Me and Jordan, totally under dressed, because people just dressed to the nines. Everyone was in costume, and dancing. The music was perfect, even if I didn't know how to dance to all of it. Sometimes me and Jordan made up our own dances and that was great too.

And while we weren't dancing, there was plenty of people watching to be had.

Oh and dhalinks, I found this terribly equisite velvet coat. That I need. Right now.
Can you say winter time project? Because that's what I'm thinking.

And Jordy found a car.

Albert Einstien came to the party.
(note- later her talked to Tara about how he met Martin Scorse twice, and that her dress was vintage, even though Tara insisted it wasn't. It was also bright yellow and made of a poly-mesh, so I was inclined to agree with Tara, but Albert did come up with the theory of realitivity)

The weather was pheonmenial, the drinks were -aparently- amazing, and there was fudge that made me cry it was so tasty. All in all, the perfect way to spend my day.

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