Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bahstan- part uno

Everyone knows, the only way to go to Boston from New York in via bus. The tickets are super duper cheap-o. You can take the Fung Wah, which I hear is an adventure on its own (apparently you stand on a corner in Chinatown, and hope you hear someone violently yell "BOSTON!" and wrastle someone for a seat.) which only costs $15. Charley, Babs, and I opted to splurge the extra 5 bucks and took the MEGABUS! Which is a double decker, and when you get to the front of the line you are a lucky and smart person with the first pick of seats. And if you're not a dumb dumb, you run upstairs and take the very front seats which rewards you with a full front window. FRONT SEAT ACTION. And if you're us, you'll bring vodka, so you can pretend your drunk driving a giant's bus.

Yeah, that's not just cranberry juice we're drinking. It made getting stuck in the bumper to bumper non-moving traffic a little more tolerable. It might have also made us alcholics...

Our friend Jersey was our hostess with the mostest. She brought us to downtown Boston, which I deduced is a big outdoor shopping mall. Thumbs Down.
Big statue of Sam Adams, Thumbs Up! He makes beer, right?

Other things I deduced from Boston, they have very odd things going on everywhere. Just keep your eyes open. Like they have an obsession with nuts...

Yeah, this car has balls. I don't know? There are people who feel like putting balls on thier car is important. They went out, spent thier free time, thier spending money to purchase a car ball sack, and then spent more of thier free time affixing the balls to thier car. I guess everyone has thier prorities.

We also happened upon a go-kart street race. Very dorky. Charley, Jersey, and Babs were into it though.

Why was this photo of a little boy next to the Fro-Yo stand? He's not eating any Fro-Yo in the photo. He looks decidedly French. And he also looks like 1994. None of these things in particular make me want to buy Frozen Yogurt.
I guess we'll never know. It will remain one of life's mysteries.

We also found an old ass graveyard. The stones were super worn and very cool. The dates went all the way back to the 1700's. Perfect for halloween. Spppoookkkkyyyy.