Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drink N Draw

5 min pose

Last night I took my very first life drawing class since I was a freshman in college. Needless to say its been a hot minute. I haven't really been drawing alot lately, except for fashion figures. Those are kinda cookie cutter at the mo'.
I was nervous about my skillz, but I still got 'em. I made these on some crappy Mead sketch book I snatched up at the Kmart at Astor Place, and a bic pen.
I've never drawn naked ladies to "Bust A Move," Metalica, or Justice, but at 3rd Ward's Drink N Draw, you can totes get your art on to some real jamz. No real instruction, and it was a bit crowded, (READ: not amazing for a beginer) but I'm totes going back. The low pressure environment was baller.
5 min pose

Ten min poses
Twenty min pose (and my fav from the class)

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