Friday, October 23, 2009

Simon Ungers

I went to the Gering & Lopez Gallery to check out Simon Unger's latest work. I was supposed to be going for the 57th street galleries open night, but the weather was soooo yucky gross that we only spent time there. The work, however, was in stark contrast to the weather, it was fabulous.
He made these crazy awesome light boxes, which were so much fun to pose with and created just the most fantastic lighting to take people's photos with. Everyone felt gross though, because the weather makes no one's hair look good, and were reluctant to model. Except for Julie (she always looks stunning) and Ryan who are good sports.

There were also photos documenting installations of the light boxes in different locations, which were intriguing as well.


Jack Daniel said...

Is Julie the one with the blonde hair? She's so beautiful!

I love this museum. Is it a museum...? Where is it?

norawoah said...

its an art gallery in the city!