Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Haunting of Coneti....New York City

Me and my pals went to a haunted house last night. The one with the creeper vamp kid that has posters plaster all over the land. The one called Nightmare:Vampires. I was so amped, because I love me a good haunted house.
Let me tell all y'all- biznas was not that scary. Fun, yes, and giggly, but it doesn't take a half hour, it takes about 15 minutes, and its just... not that scary.
I mean they keep stopping you to watch "scary" and "phreaky" vingettes of people cutting themselves with a "knife" and (this one was wierd) a pole dancing stripper distracting a zombie (who totes "jerked off") so we could "get by unharmed", but the vingettes were kinda stupid, and it just suspended the idea we were in a haunted house. I mean they were wearing jeans and sneakers with a spppooookkkkyyyyy cape. TERRRIFFFYYYIINNNGGG!
You're not allowed to take photos in the HH itself, but afterwards there is a bar. So we drank (duh) and some of the cast from the house came out and chilaxed with u for a hot minute. Ballerest.Also, they never checked our tickets, so its safe to say that you could just hop in line right around the corner from the Angelica and go for free... but if you waste all that time waiting in line to find they actually did check for a ticket, and you didn't have one-So not my problem.
I want y'all to pay special attention to my baller silver sparkly shoes. They are fawesome, obvi.
Also you can go as a sexy slut for halloween. I think that's what I'll be instead. It's a really good and orginal idea.


Lisa said...

My neck still hurts from all the vampire bites, but at least i didn't get fleas, bed bugs, or lice from the claustrophobic part. Very scary!

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