Monday, October 12, 2009


My brother is a blond. Ever since I was about three, when my hair went from soft light blonde to dark brown, I've been jealous of his blond locks. That is until I was a junior in high school and took matters into my own hands. Screw you bland, boring, banal brown- I'm going blond! And ever since then I have not seen my natural color (don't look at my roots!). In college I went slightly more red, always resourceful-doing it myself with the at-home bottle, until this year where magic happened and I got a fantastic hook up at the John Barrett salon. Yeah, you know, that one on the top of Bergdorf's? Dhalinks, its fabulous.
I cannot usually afford that bizznas, but the fates smiled upon my head.
And I love being a red head, I loved being a blond. I've never felt nostalgic for my dreary old locks.
Except I have fallen in love with soft soft light pink. And I can't get it out my head. That is until I get it on my head.
My inspiration you might wondering to yourself!?
I recently re-watched Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, and there is a scene when Kirsten Dunst is running around with pink hair, and I remembered how much I loved that hair the first time I saw it.
And then I found this photo today- omg that is me, except not yet. Its future me. Aren't I just beeyoutiful? Isn't my hair just fantastic? Future me is going to own those sunglasses and shoes also. Obvi.

I don't think my hair guy will let me do it, but I really want it, even if it ends us destroying my hair. Then I can get one of those cute boy cuts that I've been flirting with. Lets face it I'm too emotionally attached to my hair to chop it off yet. But pink...mmmmm.


Delighted and Charmed said...

eek you'd look so awesome with pale pink hair. seeing the color makes me weak in the knees. if you don't do it now you'll only run out of time! xo

Stephanie Stein said...

Norah! Do it chica! Pllllease, do it. You are fabu.

Jack Daniel said...

Where did you get the pic from of the future you? She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don´t have a blog or anything, but I don´t want to be anonimous; my name is Mariana. I am 14 years old, and I am in love with colors. Not so long ago I discovered colors, I mean, like REALLY discovered them. And they anre just amazing. I wish everyone discovers them some day.
A couple of days ago I watched Marie Antoinette, and since then i have wanted to have pink hair.
I´d love to have guts to go out there and bleach my brown hair and color it pink. I wish I had the guts just to go to school the next morning, knowing what everyone will say, all those stupid prejudices, and don´t give a damn about it.

Anonymous said...

I wish