Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bahstan- part duo

This is Jake. He was one of our hosts, and arguably the most gushy, adorable monster face of the two.

I heard a marching band. I love marching bands. We followed the sound. We ran into the most schizophrenic protest ever. There were signs for Peace, Love One Another, Against the War in Afganistahn, Iraq, Iran, the Gaza Strip. Bring our Troops Home. Create Jobs! Healthcare. Gay Rights. Some guy with the Quran. I don't know, they were confused.
I haven't marched in a protest in a hot minute, and Babs never has (odd hey? I thought all 17 year olds were required). And some very excited high schoolers encouraged us to join in, so we totes did.

In response to "What does democracy look like?" we shouted "This is what democracy looks like!" And we sang "You can't keep the people down!" And all sorts of fun protest cheers. They did thier job and totes cheered us up, made us feel empowered, even if we really weren't. Fun? Yes! Affecting change? Probablly not, but go kids! Tell 'em what's on yer mind!

Then in the Boston Commons we found a Zombie March. Uh-maze-zing!


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