Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fashion Week is a (c)haunkua away

Only eight days separate me from glorious displays of extravagance. I'm talking about New York's Fashion Week. I'm literally freaking out. The game plan is as follows: try to go to as many shows as possible (duh). The fantasy is that it happens, the reality is maybe I can finagle my way into one.
Or none.
Last September I managed to see two, Rosa Cha and Betsey Johnson. Nigel Barker was at both of them, which was a little nutty. Pick me to be the next top model!

BUT lets not forget, I want to go to as many AFTER PARTIES as possible. Obviously.
Last year I went to the Betsey Johnson one which was good fun. Of course none of the lady models were there, because they are so absolutely amazing, they cannot party, they are booked for ten thousand more shows the next day. But all the male models are running around because they don't have anything to do. They all have side jobs as catering servers to pay the bills because lets face it, womenswear pulls alot more clout then menswear.
They are kinda pretty... just to look at... not to talk to. That is a really nasty generalization.

So invite me along if you are going to something fabulous. I'll be ever so grateful.

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