Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beauty Bar got soul

My ol' college buddy, Brett met us and we totally did that thing where we mixed some vodka into a bottle of something else (juice, seltzer, etc) and drank in Union Square. You know, that slick high school style.
But it's summer! And it was wonderful. There was live music because there were some people jammin' to our left, and some tall guy who was carrying a sign that one side claimed he was a reki shamin and the other side said he was a jewish rapper. I kinda heart Union Square and its character.
But when we had enough of that, we traipsed over to Beauty Bar, kinda on a whim.
I've never been to Beauty Bar on a Thursday, but that is changing right quick. The most amazing music was being played, an amazing combination of soul, motown, and oldies, both popular and kinda obscure. They were all hits and I was kinda sorry to leave. We must thank DJ Johnathan Toubin for the jamz.
And Katie was tragically spilled on.

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