Thursday, August 7, 2008

McCarren Park Concerts

I went, for the first time ever, to McCarren Park to see a concert in their MASSIVE GINOURMOUS POOL. Let me tell you a little story about how it is the biggest hip fashion exhibition ever. I took alot of photos. Below are several fashion do's, fashion don'ts and a fashion maybe. I didn't label them (except for the maybe) because I'm no hater. Kinda.

Below: Fashion Maybe...

Then after waiting in the disgusting heat, terribile opening band with an obnoxious lead singer, and the blazing sun, the Black Lips went on. They were pretty good, but I really have enjoyed them more at Williamsburg Hall of Music. I was also exhausted and the idea of thrashing around in a sweaty crowd under that sun made my headache get a little stronger. They did throw toilet paper around into the crowd which looked really nice.

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