Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What you doing?

In my comments someone posted:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, is it possible to post weekend events that you think are interesting and worth attenting? -thank you and have a great weekend :)

Now this is a little hard since this is New York, the city where you have to choose between the three things you heard are going on, the one you're already committed to, and you know that there are another 17 that you just haven't heard of yet, but don't worry everyone will tell you about it tomorrow.
A few good places to check out are myopenbar.com and going.com. If you go to something from myopenbar.com there will be a jazillion poor folk who want to drink.

But I figure another good way to tackle this problem is just write at the bottom of the post some things that have been brought to my attention for the day.
Like tonight, I'm wrestling between the Inn and Happy Endings.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your time and effort. Once again, thanks for the reply. Thank you.

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

came across your blog.... keep doin' your thing. i liked it.

when you get a chance, check out mine and if possible i'd love feedback.

guerre (gear)